miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

Oana Hreapca

Oana looks phenomenal in this posing video. She has gigantic muscles and they way she flexes them is very nice to watch. She starts with some bicep flexes and pops her peaks too. I can't help but wonder just how big they measure to be. When she flexes her traps with a most muscular pose, it is definitely the highlight of the video. She also flexes her trademark abs, which are probably the best in the world. I wish I could feel them. The first half is mostly upper body flexing with a lot of bicep posing. I loved the last half of the video where she gets on the floor to show off her legs and work out her abs. Oana takes a moment to do some squats too, which accentuate her muscular glutes. I really enjoyed watching this, especially since it's Oana in HD and she's one of my favourites. I'm happy that this site continues to feature her in their videos. I can't wait to see what Oana brings in the future!

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